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We Understand the Startup World

Our friends, family, and social network are all in the startup world (we are based in SF/Silicon Valley after all). We’re surrounded with startups, and for that reason, especially positioned to understand the unique concerns of startup clients. In fact, we even have desks at a few co-working spaces ourselves.

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Modern Approach

We understand your world, in fact, we’re a bit of innovators ourselves (well, at least as far as the legal profession goes), and we’re proud to project our culture. We hope you notice. IP law firms tend to be stuck in their traditional ways, even while serving cutting edge high-tech clients. Why shouldn’t IP law firms also be up to speed? We’re here to address that, while fiercely maintaining a high quality level of work product.

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We'll Guide You

You’re already wearing multiple hats- you don’t need to wear another one. For that reason, we’ll make it easy for you by guiding you through the process and explaining each step clearly so that you can quickly understand the considerations.

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Keep You in the Know

We'll keep you updated with changes that you should know about in the IP legal field. You can also check our News section, blog, or social networking presence whenever you'd like to come up to speed.

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Above all else, we believe in producing quality over quantity, both in terms of substance and form. We sleep better at night knowing that everything we’ve touched has resulted in solid work product. Of course, everyone makes this claim, but when you work with us, you’ll notice that we prefer to spend more time on a single project to get it right and be proud to sign our name on it. After all, we know that you'll notice and appreciate the difference, and continue to work with us for time to come.

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In the startup world, time is of the essence because development at the bleeding edge of your field moves at the speed of light- and so are your competitors. For that reason, we strive to get your applications on file as soon as possible and actively handle the processes to reach patent issuance by the USPTO. Especially with the United States’ move to the first-inventor-to-file patent system, getting your patent applications on file quickly has never been more crucial.

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We're Techies

We’re techies ourselves- early adopters playing with the latest gadgets and services, so we're up to speed with the most recent in tech. Our practitioners worked in the tech industry in their previous lives and have experience developing products and services, so we’re one of you.

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Quality and impressive results don't require suits, some of the world’s most amazing innovation happens in shirts, shorts, and flip flops. If anybody knows this, it’s Silicon Valley, who knows that a law firm doesn't need to be traditional and conservative to provide excellent services. While we don’t personally dress like we’re going to the beach (well maybe sometimes), we know that you recognize substance over form. And so we can be relaxed, laid-back, and on your wavelength.

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In the Cloud

As part of our modern approach, we’ve moved to the cloud. From email, to file management, to IP practice-specific systems, we and our clients enjoy the advantages of cloud-based services. At the same time, we're careful to observe the highest levels of security and backup practices to keep our data safe.

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Low Overhead

We run a tight ship- we've removed the unnecessary bloated costs of a traditional law firm. You're not paying for opulent office lobbies and expensive retreats. These savings allow us to spend more time on the substantive work while at the same time providing very competitive pricing.

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Up-to-Date Systems

We’ve significantly reduced overhead by cutting out costly licensing for antiquated systems commonly used by law firms. Instead, we reexamined our options and opted for solutions that are up-to-date, more capable, and more dependable. For that reason, we're excited to have a state-of-the-art practice that's solid and passes on savings to our clients.

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Competitive Pricing

Because we've reevaluated the traditional law firm model to build a modern law firm that enjoys reduced overhead, you don’t have to pay big firm bills. And we have time to provide personalized attention to your matters because we aren't under time pressure to time-box projects like other firms do. At the same time, our practitioners come from medium to large-size firm backgrounds, so we're used to providing world-class legal work.