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Help inventors reinvent - and improve - the wheel.

If you're interested in continuing your career with a social team who implements a progressive approach to the practice of law, then you're in the right place! We are the next generation of law practice, and we're excited for you to be part of it. Have an aversion to bureaucracy and hierarchies? Want more autonomy and at the same time more responsibilities? Do you refuse to compromise when it comes to producing quality work product? Redbrick is proud to offer these opportunities and is hiring uniquely talented individuals to join our growing team.


Patent and Trademark Attorneys, Patent Agents, & Patent Engineers

A few words about us

We believe in lifestyle, and we hope you do too! Join an SF-based firm with startup culture, just like many of our exciting startup and emerging growth clients. It’s a casual environment, and by casual we don’t mean khakis. If you really like khakis, we guess we can’t stop you, but jeans are encouraged!

We’re excited about allowing our practitioners to telecommute and choose their own hours. Speaking of hours, we don’t have a billable hour quota. Instead, if you complete more work at the same high quality level, you will proportionally earn more- sky’s the limit (and we offer competitive compensation with perks, e.g., we reward you if you bring your own clients). Therefore, you can work full-time, part-time, or when you want to vacation, no-time (of course, as long as your clients' matters are absolutely attended to!).

At the same time, we don’t sacrifice on high quality work product and professionalism. We believe that as patent practitioners, if we provide high quality work product in a reasonably timely manner, there’s no reason to impose further requirements on ourselves.

Who we're looking for

We are looking for patent prosecutors with 2+ years of solid patent prosecution experience with a degree in EE, CS, or a related area. We are happy to work with both patent attorneys and patent agents. We strongly prefer passage of the patent bar, but if you feel that your experience speaks for itself, please don’t hesitate to apply, we are happy to hear from you.

You will be working with and have significant client contact with San Francisco and Silicon Valley high-tech companies, from startups and emerging growth companies to large multi-national corporations.

We are looking for prosecutors who believe in high quality work product, but know that living at the office is not required to produce that work product, and that attending happy hour is a good thing.

If this is a match

If you’re interested, please provide your cover letter, resume, and patent drafting sample (or technical writing sample) if available. Please contact us at [email protected].

Support Staff

Patent Prosecution Paralegals, Secretaries, & Docketing Specialists

We make it easy to do your thing

We value our support staff, who are essential to the smooth functioning of the firm. Because we do almost everything electronically and online, you can skip the commute and work from home (or from café, library, or whatever works for you!). Of course, you have the option of coming in whenever you prefer or whenever it’s necessary. Even so, we offer competitive compensation.

Above all else, paramount to us is thorough work and timeliness.

Patent Prosecution Paralegal / Secretary

We are looking for a mid to senior level paralegal or secretary with 3+ years of patent practice experience.

You will carry out the typical tasks like form generation for and filing of patent applications (e.g., nonprovisionals, provisionals, divisionals, continuations, etc.), office action responses, IDSes, assignments, powers of attorney, petitions, etc. Further, you will perform other general tasks like gathering prior art references, handling notices of allowance, working with and maintaining the docket, generating and maintaining status reports, and using the USPTO Web-EFS interface.

We prefer that you have knowledge of the post-AIA procedures. Experience with both US and foreign prosecution, including corresponding with foreign associates and PCT filing is also preferred. Issue fee review and patent proof reading would be an advantage.

If you’re interested, please provide your cover letter and resume. Please contact us at [email protected].

Patent Docketing Specialist

We are looking for a mid to senior level docketing specialist with 3+ years of patent docketing experience.

You will have experience with and in-depth knowledge of the patent prosecution process and due dates to carry out the typical tasks like docketing dates and deadlines, de-docketing completed items, preparing docket reports, and ensuring integrity and accuracy of the docket. We prefer that you have foreign filing docketing experience.

If you’re interested, please provide your cover letter and resume. Please contact us at [email protected].

Law Students

Internships & Externships

School's out!

We believe that work experience during law school is just as important as coursework, and for that reason, Redbrick is happy to work with students throughout the year. We also strive to build relationships with students that we can maintain over their professional careers, regardless of whether they continue to work with us or elsewhere.

Sure, your GPA is important, but we know that it's just one of many factors, and to rely largely on grades is silly. That’s why we value other characteristics like intellectual property practice experience, real world intelligence, honesty, integrity, personality, and sense of humor.

We believe that students are best served when given the same responsibilities and day-to-day schedules as attorneys. Therefore, you are given a mixed bag of tasks and experiences. For example, you will be involved with client meetings, assigned substantive work like patent application drafting, given research projects, and attend social events.

If you’re interested, please provide your cover letter and resume. Please contact us at [email protected].