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Managing & guiding your portfolio.

You continue to fine-tune guidelines, evaluate processes, and adapt to changes in the field. You're working hard caring after your IP portfolio, we're here to lighten your load as much as possible and help you smoothly meet your goals.

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The patently obvious choice.

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Above all else, we believe in producing quality over quantity, both in terms of substance and form. We sleep better at night knowing that everything we’ve touched has resulted in solid work product. Of course, everyone makes this claim, but when you work with us, you’ll notice that we prefer to spend more time on a single project to get it right and be proud to sign our name on it. After all, we know that you'll notice and appreciate the difference, and continue to work with us for time to come.

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Time is of the essence because development at the bleeding edge of your field moves at the speed of light- and so are your competitors. For that reason, we strive to get your applications on file as soon as possible and actively handle the processes to reach patent issuance by the USPTO. Especially with the United States’ move to the first-inventor-to-file patent system, getting your patent applications on file quickly has never been more crucial.

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How We Run Smart

We’ve significantly reduced overhead by cutting out costly licensing for outdated software and systems. Instead, we reevaluated and opted for solutions that are up-to-date, more capable, and dependable. We've carefully developed efficient procedures to develop a lean practice. We've even taken a cue from our clients by using a modern desk-sharing approach in our main office, a few desks at coworking spaces, and optional telecommuting.

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You’re Short on Time

You’re putting out fires all day long and trying to tread water in a sea of context switching- We’ll make sure to solidly extract the inventive ideas and then own as much of the work as possible to create a low-touch experience. Yet, we will continue to work with you until we're absolutely satisfied that we've fully understood your ideas.

Top patent attorneys, best patent lawyers

Modern Approach

We bring an innovative approach to IP law practice (well, at least as far as the legal profession goes). IP law firms tend to be stuck in their traditional ways, even while serving cutting edge high-tech clients. Why shouldn’t IP law firms also be up to speed? We’re here to address that, while fiercely maintaining a high quality level of work product. We’re proud to project our culture, we hope you notice.

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Because we use up-to-date systems and the cloud, we can collaborate within the firm or with clients efficiently, anytime, anywhere. For instance, our file-sharing services allow clients to access pertinent files, while our website portal allows clients to check on the status of their cases.

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Face Time

We’re interested in getting to know you, building a relationship, and continuing to work with you until we understand all aspects of your inventions so that we may protect them fully. We're happy to and prefer to visit you at your office. But when that’s not convenient or possible, we can make it happen with our easy video and screensharing solutions.

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Keep You in the Know

We'll keep you updated with changes that you should know about in the IP legal field. You can also check our News section, blog, or social networking presence whenever you'd like to come up to speed.

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Patent Harvesting

We can help review your various ideas to determine how many potential patents may be pursued. For example, one product or service may actually include multiple patentable ideas, and you should have the option to benefit from the protection of each and every one of them.

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Monetize Ideas

We're dedicated to working with inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their ideas in the United States and around the world. We provide advice and action to develop an intellectual property strategy, including how to pursue protection and how to strengthen and monetize an intellectual property portfolio.

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Paperless and Green

We’re excited to show off our paperless practice. Not only does going green benefit the environment, but our practice and clients too. For instance, we have an electronic copy of everything that's quickly accessible at our fingertips, stored cleanly with best practices in mind, and all backed up through a multi-site backup routine.

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Competitive Pricing

Because we've reevaluated the traditional law firm model to build a modern law firm that enjoys reduced overhead, you don’t have to pay big firm bills. And we have time to provide personalized attention to your matters because we aren't under time pressure to time-box projects like other firms do. At the same time, our practitioners come from medium to large-size firm backgrounds, so we're used to providing world-class legal work.